Before You Move In

Healthcare Realty is pleased to welcome you to your new office. If you have any questions about the checklist below, please do not hesitate to contact the Management Office.

Please submit the following to the Management Office prior to move-in and as soon as possible.

  • Move in Date Notify the Management Office once you have set your move-in date by submitting the Move In/Out Procedures Form. Please also review Healthcare Realty’s Moving Policies.
  • Certificate of Insurance for Moving Company Your moving company must provide Healthcare Realty with a valid COI. See Insurance Protection Policies for limits and certificate holder information. The COI is needed one week prior to your move into the building.
  • Certificate of Insurance for Tenant See Insurance Protection Policies for limits and certificate holder information.
  • Tenant Information Submit the Tenant Information form to the Management Office at least one week prior to your move-in. You can make changes to your contact information later by visiting the Admin Center. Just click on the gears at the top right corner of this web page. There, you can insert and update your contact information and set preferences for communications from the Management Office, such as high alert text messages in case of emergency.



Submit a Service Request if you have any issues with your suite upon move in. Healthcare Realty allows up to two contacts from each company to create accounts with our service request system. Contact the Management Office to receive a username and password.

Save time and eliminate the hassle of writing checks by setting up rent payments via ePay. Your username and password are printed on your rent statement.